Vegetable of the Week: Kale

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Curly Kale at Atlanta Harvest!

Your mother was right, it is very important to eat your vegetables. But we understand how hard it can be to get in those 5 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables you need per day. Luckily, here at Atlanta Harvest we offer a variety of fresh, local fruits and vegetables, including kale. Don’t miss out on the high-quality nutrients found in kale!

Kale is an amazing beautiful green leafy vegetable that is related to the cabbage family. But don’t let that fool you, as kale is delicious and versatile as it can be used in a variety of recipes. It is packed with nutrients and antioxidants, a super-food high in vitamins K, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate.



When we think of kale, this variety is the one we’re usually thinking of with its distinct brightly colored curly leaves. The curly variety is the most common and usually found in grocery stores. It has a bit of a peppery flavor and can be slightly bitter, but when cooked or massaged, the sweetness of this vegetable comes through. This type of kale tastes delicious in a salad. Massage the kale with the juice of half a lemon, a drizzle of olive oil and salt for a few minutes until wilted. This will bring out its sweetness. Once the kale is wilted, you can add your favorite toppings to your salad.


Pick up some curly kale at Atlanta Harvest today!


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