Vegetable of the Week: Delicata Squash

This beautiful winter squash is known by its cream colored skin with dark green stripes lengthwise and its oblong shape. Otherwise known as Delicata Squash, this is by far one of the most underrated, least known and absolutely fantastic squash varieties to ever be brought within the open air market of Atlanta Harvest. Versatile, savory and incredibly easy to cook; one would think this would be a staple among the southern folk. But with commercialized food and industrialized production have taken these lesser known gems from before our palates and beyond the fences of private gardens. Thus your local natural growers are here to bring these delicacies back to the forefront of your staple dishes.

We at Atlanta Harvest are no strangers to the kitchen and yours truly was allowed in to experiment with this fascinating squash. After a few ideas, a couple of chilies and an incredible experience of it plainly baked in oil with salt and pepper; we can honestly say this is one of the best winter squash to cook with. It pretty much goes in anything and we haven’t even scratched the surface of possibilities. It can be a thickener for soup, it soaks up the flavors from oil very well whilst retaining it’s sweet savory flavor. Have fun with it y’all, its just so good.

Be creative, spice it up, and throw it in or on something hot till you think it’s good. That’s really what cooking boils down to anyway right? We hope you enjoy cooking this squash as much as we have.

Come by Atlanta Harvest today to try this delicious squash!

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