Vegetable of the Week: Beets

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Let’s BEET cancer! Let’s BEET obesity! Let’s BEET high blood pressure!

The crimson colored vegetable is a root, full of carcinogen inhibitors, dietary nitrates, anti-inflammatory pigments, fiber, and low in calories, just to name a few.

Betanin, which is where beets get their color, has properties that acts as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory.  The known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits has lead researchers to figure out how beets also contribute to fighting cancer and supports brain health.  The dietary nitrates also found in beets, are helpful in lowering and maintaining a healthy blood pressure reading, but the #1 benefit that excites us about beets is its weight loss properties

The traditional Blood Red Beets, Gold Beets and Candy Striped Beets are all available at Atlanta Harvest!

Beets are low in calories, high in water but also mineral and nutrient dense. The high fiber and protein content aids in healthy digestion and are both important in maintaining a healthy weight. It would be very wise to incorporate these beauties into your New Year’s weight loss goals!

If you pair beets with the right ingredients, they can be an amazing addition to your daily intake. They have an earthy taste that pairs well with salads with goat cheese and candied pecans (yum!). If you’re thinking of cooking them, the healthiest and most hassle free way is to steam them with the skin on. After they have been steamed, the skin will peel right off!  Beetroot juice can be incorporated seamlessly into smoothies and as a base to homemade salad dressings! 

These beauties are in season in the fall and can be found at your local farm – right here in Jonesboro! They will also be the perfect addition to your weekly CSA basket!

Stop by the Shuk Sunday – Friday to get your organically and locally grown beets from Atlanta Harvest located at 2024 Walt Stephens Road in Jonesboro.

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