Vegetable of the Week: Arugula

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If you read last week’s blog post, you heard about all the health benefits of cauliflower.  We also mentioned the family ties between cauliflower and broccoli.  Well this week, another member of the Cruciferous family decided to rear its beautiful head.  ARUGULA!  Unlike her two brothers, Arugula is the spicy sister of the family.  Members of this vegetable family share many of the same health benefits and nutritional sustenance such as the blood pressure lowering, athletic performance enhancing, and decreasing cancer risk and more, but the thing that separates Arugula from the rest of the bunch is it’s flavor! 

fresh salad featuring arugula!

Most vegetables in this family have the propensity to take on the flavors of whatever it’s being cooked in, but if you close your eyes and put one of these bite sized leaves in your mouth, you will undoubtedly know that it’s Arugula!  These delicate green leaves cooks in no time because of their tenderness.  They can be eaten raw on a sandwich or salad or mixed in with a stew or soup to give it a tangy, mustard-y, peppery taste.  Want to give your smoothie a kick?  Try ripe frozen strawberries, raspberries, fresh squeezed lemon juice from a small lemon including the pulp, a couple of crystallized ginger chews (organic of course), Greek yogurt to your desired texture, a hand full of arugula and raw unfiltered honey to your taste. Blend together in a blender and enjoy!  You can also freeze this recipe and eat it as an ice cream substitute!

Contact us for more ways to incorporate this week’s Vegetable of the Week into your diet. And as always, you can get Arugula and more farm fresh vegetables straight from our farm to your table.

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