It is very important that all FarmBox Shareholders read and understand this section. Upon entry to the program you will be prompted to click “I agree” and, after our questionnaire and checkout is completed, an email will be sent to you with all the confirming information.

This section is to give our current and future Shareholders a more comprehensive understanding of what we do and who we are. Unlike many food/farm box programs, we actually are the first and last hands to touch your food prior to you receiving it. What that means to you is that you get the freshest and best value on organically grown goods on the market.

We are however a small family operation so, with quality of product in mind, we would like your purchase to be very personal. We have some customizations that will help with this!

All Farmbox Shareholders begin by choosing a Farmbox that best suits their household needs. There are 4 box sizes and pick-up options. In the questionnaire we ask you to pic weekly/biweekly, likes/dislikes, and other details to customize your experience.


We ask our Farm Box Shareholders to commit to a minimum of 10 boxes in a 10 week period. Each membership begins with a deposit equal to 1 box that will be the payment for your last delivery of whichever box you chose. At the completion of your 10 box subscription the service continues automatically. If you want us to cancel the service please email us at

Your payments can be by check, cash, credit card, paypal or even ebt. But we require your credit card on file for automatic payments. If you pay for your CSA farm box in person, we will credit your account.


You may cancel at any time after your 10-week subscription term is completed. Cancellations within the subscription period will cost you your deposit.

You can change the size of your box, up or down, at any time during your subscription.

Timing is everything in farming and food. If customization or cancellation is needed you must inform us at least 2 days prior to your delivery date. Packaging, forming, harvesting and the like are time consuming and labor intensive. Even though exceptions can be made, and we will try, there is no guarantee. If your modifications are not made in time, it is possible you will be given what is on the standard menu.

If a cancellation is not made in time we offer options for your convenience which include donations and leaving your box with a friend.


If you’re picking up at one of our markets, indicate which market that you intend to pick up at. We DO NOT charge for Farmers Market pickups.


We offer delivery for those living within a 5 mile radius to the farm. But keep in mind we cannot deliver meats or fresh fruits and veggies by mail.

We can deliver coffee, teas, grain, flour, incense, accessories and more by mail.

Free shipping on all orders over $100.

Begin your membership now by signing up for an account.