Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

Yes, we still have pumpkins! From decorative pumpkins to pumpkins that taste amazing in sweet delectable desserts, we have pumpkins for any need and for any occasion!

Little Giant pumpkins (on the right), not only can they be used as decorative pumpkins but they taste great in pumpkin pies and other pumpkin desserts. A customer bought a few Little Giant pumpkins last week. She made vegan pumpkin cookies with them and brought us some to try. They were delicious! The pumpkins gave the cookies a soft, chewy texture and an amazing flavor perfect for fall.


The Long Island Cheese pumpkin (pictured to the left), is another favorite of ours. Its cream colored rind shouldn’t fool you. Its creamy interior, is perfect for soups, stews and desserts as well. Here at Atlanta Harvest, we made a cream of pumpkin soup, using the Long Island Cheese pumpkin and it was a hit! The pumpkin melted down in the soup beautifully, no blending was required!


Head on over to Atlanta Harvest to grab a pumpkin before we run out this season!

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