Quarter Cow Pre-Order PICK-UP ONLY



Atlanta Harvest offers Bulk Orders for Beef and Lamb.  This is a great opportunity to save money while supporting your local farmer!


Ordering in bulk gives you the opportunity to:

  • Pay less per lb for Grass Fed, Non-GMO Finished, antibiotic, hormone and steroid free Beef or Lamb. (whhhew!!! try saying that fast)
  • Secure beef supply during a volatile market.
  • …. And create a long term relationship with the family that produces your food.

Due to an overwhelming demand for Beef and Lamb we are now taking pre-orders.  We’ve got plenty of Livestock, but we are booked at the processor and have decided to offer this for our loyal customers who depend on us for meat.
Our quarter cow pre-order includes approximately 100 lbs “hanging weight.” (approximately 70+/- lbs of meat in your freezer). Once you’re order is ready, we’ll contact you and let you know when you can come and pick it up at the farm. 

Weight 70 lbs


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