Atlanta Harvest was established in 2013 and is a urban farm serving the greater Atlanta area. Atlanta Harvest is committed to producing naturally-grown food in the city. Through community partnerships, we are passionate about mobilizing people for collective impact in distressed areas of our city. The mission of Atlanta Harvest is to cultivate passion and drive innovation in the city, for the city. We love the city of Atlanta and want to see it thrive through dignifying work opportunities and increased access to locally grown, farm fresh food.

The Owner and Operators

EliYahu Polanco, owner of Atlanta Harvest, operates the farm and wellness center along with his father, Asa Akyr Ysrael and uncle AriYahu Deen.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

EliYahu Polanco, one of the “Geechie Farmers”, is a farmer, multi-media specialist, and artist. Together, with his father Asa, Local Lands Organically Grown Gardens was built in the heart of Georgia. In addition to his love of farming, he is a practicing environmentalist. Believing that we are the catalyst to a better world, he dedicates himself to helping provide services that help to expand our education on the Earth and how to care for it.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)



Asa Akyr Ysrael, one of the “Geechie Farmers”, is a farmer, entrepreneur, agriculturist and crop specialist. He started his farming career over 10 years ago in Pennsylvania before calling Georgia his home. He now runs and operates two farms in Georgia, Atlanta Harvest and Local Lands Organically Grown Gardens. Local Lands is located in Wrightsville, GA and is a 40 acre organic farm operation. He also runs a tea and herbal shop, called TeaBrewFarm and creates and sells his own organic livestock feed, Geechie Grain.




Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

AriYahu Deen, 


We provide the community of Jonesboro and surrounding areas access to locally grown, farm fresh food. We offer weekly Community Supported Agriculture farm fresh boxes, so you can pick up or have your locally grown farm fresh food delivered straight to you. Our produce grown from organic seeds and certified organic materials only. We also offer vegetable plugs and seedlings for pre-order for both large-scale and small-scale growers. 

Affiliations and Memberships



Past Press Features

Conservationist of the Year Award, awarded by Supervisors and Bankers of the Central Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District in 2014

Featured Farmer for Georgia Organics magazine, “Dirt” in 2017

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