Hurricane Michael: The Aftermath

Hurricane Michael: The Aftermath

On the early morning of October 11th, our family was awoken by strong gusts of winds. The howling wind whipping at our window panes, sent a panic throughout the family. The hurricane had arrived. Our farm in Wrightsville was on the path of Hurricane Michael, but none of us could expect the damage it would cause.

We were hit hard. At sunrise, we surveyed the damage the hurricane at done. Three roofs of the buildings on the property were either completely destroyed or partially destroyed. Also, we had no electrical power for several days, which is fundamental for the maintenance of a country farm. We needed electricity for our irrigation, refrigeration, water for our livestock, crops, residents and many other incidentals. There was also damages to our greenhouses, barns, fencing, crops, storage buildings and more.

We’re thankful to the Father that our family is safe and our animals are alive, but there is a lot of work ahead of us to get our farm down south back up and running.

Please help us in our effort to rebuild by donating. With the money raised so far, we have been able to start rebuilding roofs damaged. Thanks in advance to all. We appreciate you for anything you may be able to contribute. Anything you can give will go a long way!

Damages to the roof of our barn

Damages to the roof of one of our storage buildings

Damages to our electrical fencing 

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