Our Approach

As a family owned nursery and urban farm, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products. We only use organic materials; materials that has been given naturally to the earth and those who take part in the earth’s cycle.

Our Story

Farming is our passion. After moving from Pennsylvania to Georgia in 2010, our family settled in Dublin, GA and started farming. Over time we’ve noticed that the majority of our customers were located in the Metro Atlanta Area and in 2017, to better serve our customers, we acquired Atlanta Harvest. Our goal has always been simple; to grow and provide the city with high-quality, farm fresh produce while creating opportunities for economic development in distressed areas of the city.

Our Mission

Atlanta Harvest delivers fresh, naturally-grown produce to its customers while directly challenging some of the root causes of urban poverty. We love the city of Atlanta and want to see its neighborhoods thrive through dignifying work opportunities and increased access to locally grown, farm fresh food. Our goals are:​

  • To close the gap between local food producers and Georgia consumers
  • To close the gap between local food producers and Georgia consumers
  • To support communities through increased economic vitality
  • To meet Atlanta's demand for local, farm-fresh and organic produce from within the city

"I am proud to be apart of a community that cares so deeply about others. We are growing chemical free food that I'd feel safe feeding to my family."

- AriYahu Ysrael

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Georgia Plant Nursery

Atlanta Harvest is committed to providing naturally grown plugs and seedlings. With our services, we aim to increase productivity for small-scale and large-scale farms. Pre-ordering and customized seedlings are available. Contact us today!

Local Food Hub

As a food hub, Atlanta Harvest will connect local growers with consumers. We are establishing an infrastructure that will help farmers thrive, increasing their capacity and enabling them to supply fresh food to the city.

Improving Communities

Through community partnerships and dignifying work opportunities, we are passionate about mobilizing people for collective impact in distressed areas of our city. Check out our Contact Us page for ways that you can get involved!


Farming Classes

Want to learn how to grow your own food but don’t know where to start? Then these classes are for you! We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes to cover all range of skill levels. Designed for not only to learn how to provide food for your family but even how to start your own farming business to provide food for your community. 

Building Gardens

Community and family gardens are a great way to not only provide food for your loved ones, but also get the healing benefits of the exposure to fresh air, sunlight and soil. We offer building raised beds, in-ground garden and garden revitalization. We also provide garden maintenance services.



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